Monday, 25 March 2013

How to use Whatsapp without changing LAST SEEN time !!

Hello Friends, Whatsapp is nowadays very popular medium for communication.
It is very handy and easy to use. It has very Great feature called Last Seen.  This feature enables user to see that when his/her friend used the Whatsapp last time.

So, Sometimes It may happen that  you wish to Use Whatsapp but you don't want that your Friend come to know about your last whatsapp access time right?
Reason Can be anything ;-)

[ For this Trick , Whole credit Goes to my friend Manas Vaishnav ]

Basic Rule is - Don't Open Whatsapp while your Data connection/Internet connection is ON.

Scenario :

In normal condition you data connection is enable.
you will receive whatsapp notifications when someone messages you.
now disable your data connection.
open whatsapp... read message... if you want to reply then type your message and press send button
Now close Whatsapp,
enable data connection !

You have read your message, replied to your friend yet your Last Seen Time will not changed !

"Relationship now a days begins with 'First seen' at Facebook & Ends after noticing 'Last seen' on Whatsapp !" - Manas Vaishnav

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