Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Hide files in Image

This is very popular and old trick to hide any kind of file in image ! But it is very effective :)
I have written this blog assuming that reader is novice to command prompt and all.

So Here are the steps :

Step 1. 
put all files that you want to hide in one folder.
compress that folder using winrar, winzip or 7-zip whatever you like.
If you want to hide only one file then you can directly compress it without putting it in to the folder.

Step 2.
Now make sure that your jpeg image (the one that you want to use) and compressed file (your data) are in same folder (Just to make process simpler.)

Step 3. 

open Command prompt
[click on start menu, open "Run" , type - cmd  , click ok ]

Step 4.
Open path of your image and compressed folder in command prompt.

suppose your command prompts shows
and your image and compressed files are in  E:\new folder
then   type following commands
E:         hit enter
cd new hit enter

Step 5.
this is last step
type following command
suppose your image is  -  abc.jpg
compressed file is         -  xyz.rar

copy /b  abc.jpg+xyz.rar  pqr.jpg     hit enter

Done !!  now open pqr.jpg file.... it is image which contains your data !!
you can send to the person who know  how to retrieve data from it

Steps to retrieve data from Image :

Again open Command prompt
Go to path where your encrypted image is saved.

type following command

Rename pqr.jpg   data.rar

now your image will be changed to compressed file data.rar
extract this data.rar  and you will get your data !

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